Cardigan Internet Radio Limited

The Constitution

1. Name and Purpose

1.1. The organisation shall be formally known as Cardigan Internet Radio Limited, hereinafter referred to as “Cardigan Radio” for branding and operational purposes.

1.2. The primary objective of Cardigan Radio is to provide a platform for individuals worldwide to freely express their views, ideas, and opinions without discrimination based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, or any other characteristic, whilst maintaining independence from corporate or government interference.

1.3. Cardigan Radio is committed to promoting diversity, inclusivity, and freedom of expression by offering a space where all voices are heard and respected.

2. Governance Structure

2.1. Cardigan Radio shall be governed by an Executive Board consisting of three directors elected by the organisation’s members.

2.2. The three directors shall collectively oversee the organisation’s operations, strategic direction, and decision-making processes.

2.3. Each director shall have specific responsibilities as determined by the Executive Board:

a. Chairperson: The Chairperson shall preside over meetings of the Executive Board, facilitate discussions, and act as a liaison between the board and external stakeholders.

b. Secretary: The Secretary shall maintain accurate records of board meetings, manage correspondence, and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

c. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall oversee the organisation’s finances, including budgeting, financial reporting, and fundraising activities.

2.4. The directors shall work collaboratively to fulfil the organisation’s mission, uphold its values, and ensure effective and transparent governance.

3. Membership Criteria

3.1. Membership in Cardigan Radio is open to individuals who support the organisation’s mission and objectives.

3.2. Prospective members may apply for membership by submitting an application form provided by the organisation.

3.3. Membership status shall be granted upon approval by the Executive Board.

3.4. Members shall have the right to participate in the organisation’s activities, attend meetings, and vote on matters brought before the membership.

3.5. Members are expected to uphold the values and principles of Cardigan Radio and contribute positively to the organisation’s mission.

3.6. Membership may be terminated if a member’s actions are deemed detrimental to the organisation or its objectives, as determined by the Executive Board.

4. Decision-Making Processes

4.1. Decisions within Cardigan Radio shall be made by consensus whenever possible.

4.2. In the event that consensus cannot be reached, decisions shall be made by a majority vote of the Executive Board members present at a meeting.

4.3. The Chairperson of the Executive Board shall facilitate meetings and ensure that all voices are heard during the decision-making process.

4.4. Any conflicts or disputes arising within the organisation shall be addressed and resolved through a fair and transparent mediation process, facilitated by the Executive Board if necessary.

5. Amendment Process

5.1. This constitution may be amended or revised by a two-thirds majority vote of the Executive Board.

5.2. Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing to the Executive Board at least two weeks prior to a scheduled meeting.

5.3. The Executive Board shall review and consider proposed amendments before voting on their adoption.

5.4. Once adopted, amendments to the constitution shall take effect immediately, unless otherwise specified in the amendment.


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