‘side-kick’ job description (Voluntary)


General Description

This position is responsible for supporting Presenters in a ‘Side-kick’ kind of way

  • Hang out with a Presenter

  • Make Tea/Coffee or refuse to make Tea or Coffee

  • Tell jokes when they haven’t been asked for

  • Don’t turn up on occasions because you’ve stayed up all-night partying/playing computer games

  • Research topics for the Presenter to talk about, or just do nothing/eat sweets

  • Consider becoming a Producer or just consider how annoying you could be

Given current Government restrictions, this position is aimed at people who want to be a side kick for a Presenter they live with.

To apply for this position please send your CV to confidential@cardiganinternetradio.wales with a short message as to why you think you would be best suited for the role of Side-kick at Cardigan Internet Radio – or reflect that you don’t like being told what to do and you’ll apply how you see fit. 


Interviews will take place from the beginning of January 2022.