A symbiotic relationship is developing between humans and AI

Written by Bobby Kelly

July 19, 2023


After watching the Hollywood film i Robot, anyone would be forgiven for thinking that AI is a great threat to humanity, it’s certainly a threat to the creative industries to some extent, AI is already capable of running an entire radio station with music and AI DJ’s, I cannot imagine, however, humans developing a relationship with AI DJ’s in anyway like humans – listeners enjoy hearing another humans experience of the world, AI can’t ever take that away- we see the beauty in it all – machines will never see the beauty in the world.

Nonetheless, whether we like it or not, a symbiotic relationship is developing between humans and AI, new comers like ‘OpenAi’ provide an unparalleled opportunity for humanity to do more, faster, with the assistance of AI.

AI of course also means humans will learn how to go to war faster, make fighting machines that are smarter, more autonomous, better killers.

AI without doubt both provides a great opportunity for humanity and is also a great threat to humanity, yet, for me not to utilise AI in my life, seems like saying no to a car because I’m a Luddite.

AI doesn’t kill people, humans do.


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