Cardigan Radio to provide light refreshments on Barley Saturday.

Written by Bobby Kelly

April 26, 2023

Whilst enjoying Barley Saturday, you might find yourself walking past Cardigan Radio. You’ll be able to find out more about what the internet based radio station does, whilst getting yourself a short rest and snack on Barley Saturday.

Cardigan Internet Radio Limited was setup about two years ago and has about 15 volunteers. the majority of it’s members broadcast live from it’s studio at 2 Pwllhai, also known as Cardigan Commons.

Founder and Manager, Bobby Kelly, said: “Barley Saturday is an event that’s been running since the 19th century as is truly unique and exceptionally enjoyable. We look forward to covering the event with pictures, interviews and videos, whilst providing light rest and refreshments for visitors on the day in the hope we can help raise much needed funds, whilst more people find out more about what we do”.

To listen to Cardigan Radio, including past episides of shows and a live webcam of the Cardigan Radio studio, go to

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