Cardigan Internet Radio presenters join board of directors

Written by Bobby Kelly

March 19, 2023

Members of Cardigan Internet Radio unanimously voted to bring three presenters onto the board of directors this week, newly appointed on the 13th of March 2023.

Almost immediately upon members voting  for the new board, directors had a meeting.

The Presenter for the Charlie Martin show joins the board and has taken on the role of Volunteer Studio Manager.

The Presenter for DJ Gav joins the board taking on the role of Volunteer Children and Vulnerable Adults Manager.

The Presenter for Cardigan Country joins the board, taking on the role of Volunteer Finance Manager.

Bobby Kelly – Founder of Cardigan Internet Radio (me) had been the sole director of Cardigan Internet Radio limited since the 19th of February 2021. (So we are 2 years and one month old) – he continues his role as Station Manager.

He said/I said? oh how awkward?!

“In order for Cardigan Internet Radio to grow and become the international superstar I know it can be, to provide a safe space for children and vulnerable adults for our unique project, for there to be a governance structure that is accountable and robust enough to lead the organisation to new heights, we needed a board of directors.

I would like to pay a special thanks to CAVO(Ceredigion Association of Voluntary Organisations) who’s continued guidance and support have been an invaluable tool and I think I can talk for the board in saying we hope we’ll continue to receive their invaluable support going into the future. 

Don’t forget, its free to become a member of Cardigan Internet Radio, so what are you waiting for? Get involved!”