New review process in Wales following a person’s death better for families

The Deputy Minister for Social Services, Julie Morgan

Written by Bobby Kelly

March 6, 2023

A public consultation seeking views on making the review process following a person’s death easier and quicker for families has opened.

Views are being sought on introducing a Single Unified Safeguarding Review (SUSR) which would integrate Domestic Homicide Reviews, Child Practice Reviews, Adult Practice Reviews, Mental Health Homicide Reviews and Offensive Weapons Homicide Reviews.

It would create a single review process, eliminating the need for multiple agency reviews to be undertaken when someone has lost their life or been significantly harmed.

It will prevent families having to take part in a traumatising cycle of information-giving and waiting by avoiding the need to undertake a series of multiple reviews in relation to the same single incident.

The new review process would be overseen by a national body and be retained in a central system to ensure national learning from the outcomes are implemented.

The Deputy Minister for Social Services, Julie Morgan said: “Whenever any life is lost or is significantly impacted by abuse, we need to make sure that no opportunity to protect that person from harm was missed so that we can better protect others in the future.

This is why I am pleased to announce the public consultation on the Single Unified Safeguarding Review statutory guidance. The Single Unified Safeguarding Review seeks to develop a single, proportionate mechanism in which to conduct a review following the most serious of incidents in Wales.

Multiple reviews have caused significant duplication of effort and resources, whilst also putting the family and those involved through numerous reviews, causing delays in the identification and implementation learning. By creating a single review process, we will avoid duplication and ensure that learning is identified and shared quickly to prevent future harm and reduce further trauma for victims and families.”