International Women’s Day: Join Dinah Vagina’s exhibition ‘mum!mum!mum!mum!mum!’

Dinah and Youngest

Written by Bobby Kelly

March 6, 2023

Dinah Vagina will have an exhibition at The Seagull, 49 St Mary St, Cardigan SA43 1HA opening on 4th March and running to the 25th March ( Wed to Sat each week 11am – 4pm ).

Dinah Vagina said: “This exhibition acknowledges and celebrates mothering and the achievements of mums (and all those who mother) which continue to go unacknowledged, underappreciated, and unrewarded.

Last year two of my children challenged my mothering abilities and for the first time I actually took some time to reflect and think about what I had done, how I’d behaved and to question my capabilities as a mum. I’ve been mothering for over 30 years but I’d never really thought about it much, I’d just got on with it, I was a bit too busy. My reflections brought into focus just what mothering entails. I think the first baby I ever held was my own. I was about to turn 30 and had a full time job with an hours commute.”

There will be a Private View on 8th March for International Women’s Day and a special event on 18th in recognition of Mothering Sunday.

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