Cardigan Swimming pool under threat of imminent closure

Written by Bobby Kelly

February 23, 2023

Friends of Cardigan Swimming pool held a quickly organised meeting in the hope of saving the pool this evening,  with several local Councillors and Ceredigion’s MP, Ben lake in attendance.  Cllr Trystan Phillips, Cardigan’s Mayor, chaired the meeting.

The meeting started with the news that the swimming pool had received a Sports Wales Capital Grant to undertake much needed renovation work, but quickly moved onto how the swimming pool is running at a one thousand pound a month deficit, with Friends of Cardigan Swimming pool giving £1600 to the pool just to survive into March 2023.

A number of reasons where cited for the pools running deficit, including rising energy costs and wages, with significant efficiency savings expected from planned renovation work.

Also discussed was a need for general volunteers, with a trustee revealing that advertising revenue hadn’t been collected for advertising boards for local businesses for a considerable period of time.

New trustees of all ages are being sort from the local community, with the hope younger trustees will bring the ideas of a younger generation.

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